The Prayers of the Righteous

ames 5:16 “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”We need to understand that it is God’s command and God’s desire for us to pray for each other.Confessing sin is something that one should exercise carefully; to a mature person and spiritually responsible person, so that there is not an embarrassment that comes from it but rather the healing that God planned from the beginning. God wants us to be healed from whatever caused the sin, or whatever sin caused the illness, or even the emotional illness which caused the sin. God wants us to be whole.It is clear in the scripture, that the prayer of a righteous person is very powerful. That righteous person is someone who is in right standing with God and in constant relationship with God. That is why we should always value these prayers one for another very strongly.At all times, we need to practice praying for each other as the body of Christ. It is a high form of ministry to be praying for each other, more than anything else. We often pursue ministry for selfish needs rather than for the Kingdom of God or for the love of the Lord.This is a good sign of ministry, if we are willing to pray for one another without any reward for ourselves but only because we care for God’s Kingdom.

Job 14:15″You Will Call and I Will Answer You.”

When we pray and we call upon the Lord, call His name even just mention His name and He responds to us no matter where we are. For us to have results it requires us to have faith and trust in Him because faith is what activates the things of the spirit in prayer. When we pray we also stimulate our faith life. So, I strongly recommend you to be praying and trusting in the Lord for the breakthroughs. Don’t give up, just keep praying and trusting Him

Keep Praying

Ephesians 1:17

“I KEEP asking the the God of our Lord, Jesus Christ…”It is obvious to me that Jesus wanted us to learn how to persist in prayer through His teaching in Luke 11.  When we keep asking for something, as did Paul here, we know that the Lord not only hears us and our faith causes Him to respond, but there is a power or an effectiveness of persisting in prayer.I cannot emphasize how effective Prayer Life is.  All the Prayer Warriors and Intercessors of this world are the unrecognized and celebrated solderiers of God’s Kingdom.  Without them, there would be no advancement or victories.I firmly believe that the worldwide victories experienced by so many ministries today are all founded, and rooted, in faithful and obedient people with prayer ministries.  So, I thank you personally, and honor you today, for praying.Ed Traut