Being The Victor, Not The Victim

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Being The Victor, Not The Victim



Growing And Learning Through Crisis

  • This powerful message will help you to overcome life's challenges so that you can stand against the storms and become all who God destined you to be!

You Can’t Have A Victory Without A Battle

  • We don't like troubles and we do all within our power to avoid them.  However, we were warned by Jesus Himself, that we would have many troubles.  Why then, do we act so shocked when troubles come?

  • Our greatest trial is to learn that God is consistent in spite of our circumstances.  As spiritual people, we learn to approach these circumstances with a different attitude from that of the world.  You can never have the victory without the battle!

Getting Through The Storm

  • Storms are a very real occurrence for everyone, but as Christians how do we understand and process these storms? Whoever thought that we may go through a storm just because we obeyed God?

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