Prophetic Encounter 10

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Prophetic Encounter 10


"...some prophets came..."
Acts 11:27

These teachings will assist you to practice and grow your prophetic gifting as Prophet Ed teaches from a wealth of experience that stretches over 35 years.


Session 1 - Fathers & Sons
Discover the importance of this special relationship and how it can help you walk in victory.

Session 2 - Fathoming
We need to look deeper into the word, to increase our understanding so that we can fathom the mysteries hidden there.

Session 3 - Weight of the Word
Prophetic word has power and authority, discover these principles and the weight that it carries.

Session 4 - Dealing With Struggle
We all face many challenges, find out how to deal with storms and be victorious!

Session 5 - Prophet's Reward
Discover the meaning and application of the prophet's reward.

Session 6 - Prophecy
Prophetic word received.

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