Prophetic Encounter 2

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Prophetic Encounter 2


"...some prophets came..."
Acts 11:27

Part 1
There are methods and techniques to develop the accuracy and fluency of the prophetic gifts. Each prophetic person usually has a ‘leaning’ to one or more of the revelation gifts and we will identify and strengthen those, whilst ‘stirring’ the others such as word of knowledge etc.

Part 2
Though we are each born with a unique personality, we allow the Holy Spirit to develop our character. It is personality and character deficiencies that often hinder or pollute the effectiveness of prophetic ministry so we will ‘examine ‘ ourselves and allow the Lord to heal and grow us!

Part 3
In Acts 11:25, we read of a group of prophets traveling together. This is the only New Testament reference to any particular ministry grouped together and there is a very specific reason for this. How do we recognize, respect and work together with other prophets?

Part 4
This is an invaluable session of asking questions as there are so many challenges for the prophetic. It is the only gift we are told not to despise (1 Thess 5:20) - there are reasons for this!

Part 5
Let us be clear what exactly a New testament prophet is, and how the Word of God reflects the status, functionality and methods of this ministry. We will learn from the ultimate example of Jesus as a prophet (the prototype) - His methods, motives and delivery of the prophetic gifts.

Part 6
Ordination and Impartation

Part 7
Ordination and Impartation Continued

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