Prophetic Encounter 3

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Prophetic Encounter 3


"...some prophets came..."
Acts 11:27

Part 1
Prophecy and the things of God
Jesus rebuked Peter, telling satan to get behind him, because even though he had just acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God, he was in all good intension, trying to predict or prevent Jesus suffering, which was actually the purposes of God. Prophetic people ought to be mindful of the purposes of God.

Part 2
Dead words as opposed to life words
Jesus told us for every idle or careless word we will give an account. The word choices and the way we phrase things are of paramount importance and the words have extreme power. This is particularly important for prophetic people.

Part 3
Ministry and Prophecy etiquette
There is a protocol in behavior in prophesying in general, but there is also a protocol when ministering in different churches and groups. Small things can cause being invited back or even effective. There are parameters and boundaries that are of utmost importance.

Part 4
Becoming an Agabus
Agabus had such a reputation of accuracy and powerful gifting, giving him great credibility. How can we become more creditable or recognized having such authority of such nature? Relating to and with other prophets There are so many different kinds of prophets that God calls with different personalities and different deliveries. We are to be a family and not in competition, but work together carefully.

Part 5
And Now...? God does not always share everything...
What do we do when our lifestyle goes through pressure, how much more will it be when we are persecuted. As prophetic people we should be dedicated to the Lord like Paul. I count my life as nothing to finish my race. Our value system should be that we finish our race. The task of testifying to the Gospel of God's grace.

Part 6
Q&A & Sonship

Part 7
Impartation (Laying on of hands)
How do we become reputable continued... (Agabus)

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