Prophetic Encounter 6

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Prophetic Encounter 6


"...some prophets came..."
Acts 11:27

Session 1 - The (New Testament) 5 Fold Ministry Prophet
This teaching will highlight the biblical characteristics of a 5 Fold Ministry Prophet. You will discover how the modern day prophet still needs to adhere to the requirements of what Gods word declares a prophet should be. It will help you to identify a true prophet of God and show you how a New Testament prophet functions and operates.

Session 2 -  Developing Your Spiritual Giftings
This teaching will show you how to recognize the schemes of satan that try to hinder you from flowing in your giftings.
You will find out:
 •  What stops the flow in the spirit
 •  How to allow God to develop your character so the gifts can manifest unhindered
 •  What makes you acute and sensitive in the Spirit

Session 3 - Prophecy's Role & Function In The Church
Find out what is the role of prophecy in the church and how to handle and deliver a word you receive from the Lord for someone else.

Session 4 - Ministry Etiquette
Learn about the subtle, intricate behaviors that make us more effective and efficient in ministry.  What are some of the do's and don'ts that a pulpit ministry require?. You will be empowered to grow and expand your etiquette as you listen to a wealth of wisdom from Prophet Ed who has years of experience and learnings that he shares in this teaching.

Session 5 - Precious To God
In this teaching prophet Ed highlights how precious we, as Gods children are to Him, and how as a prophet of God we need to use our giftings to share Gods love with his creation and remind  people that God loves them and wants the very best for them.

Session 6 - Q & A
Questions and answers on previous sessions along with other general questions.

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