Prophetic Encounter 7

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Prophetic Encounter 7


"...some prophets came..."
Acts 11:27

Session 1 - Watch Your Words
Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Our words can create or destroy, bless or curse. We have to be careful of the way we speak.

Session 2 -  Defining A New Testament Prophet
New Testament prophets do not have the same role and function as Old Testament Prophets. Prophet Ed breaks down and expands on what is required of a New Testament Prophet.

Session 3 - Dreams & Vision
God speaks in dreams and visions. Find out more how to understand and interpret dreams.

Session 4 - Prophets, Building The Kingdom
Prophets have a responsibility to build, establish and advance the kingdom. 

Session 5 - Prophets, Target God’s Will
We have a responsibility to stay on point. In all things, ensure that you stay focused on God's will.

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