Prophet Petrus Vermaak is a well-respected and sought-after prophet who is regularly invited to minister locally and internationally. He is an ordained spiritual son of Apostle Theo & Dr. Beverley Wolmarans of Christian Family Church International, where he is a faithful and loyal servant. He is also affiliated to Prophet Ed Traut from Prophetic Life Ministry.

Prophet Petrus Vermaak has a generous heart for people and an intense love for God. He is passionate about godliness and holiness and the word of God is the foundation and cornerstone for everything in his life. He firmly believes that if the bible doesn’t say it, he will not believe it or entertain it.

Prophet Petrus Vermaak is known for his accuracy and distinct ability to hear God clearly as well as speaking God's truth in love. The trials of life have helped to shape his character and prophetic gift to make him a mature prophet who walks humbly with God and communicates God's mercy and grace to His people.

He is compassionate and has a heart for people, always ready to serve in any way that he can. He generously uses his gifts and talents to enhance people's lives and share with them knowledge, wisdom and personal experience as necessary. As a result, he ministers, mentors, coaches, counsels, lectures and speaks internationally. His motto is simply: "We live to serve others".

His career outside of the ministry stems from a strong IT background spanning over 23 years. Initially starting out at IBM over 13 years ago as a Systems Engineer, he held the position of IT Specialist. He has mastered multiple methodologies at IBM such as Agile, Quality, Statistical & Cognitive Analytics. Due to his intensive studies and accomplishments in IT, IBM recognizes him as an international coach, mentor, thought leader and public speaker.

He holds a Bachelor of Ministry & Masters in Ministry from Christian Family Church Bible College.