Discipleship is understood to be a position of learning and equipping, bringing those called and set apart for ministry into place of fruitfulness and effectiveness for God’s Kingdom and can take on different formats of training and exercise. It is more than just a course of education but rather ‘hands on involvement’ on an individual basis.

Spiritual sons are usually a longer-term relationship, whereby that disciples become more than just a trainee. They take on the DNA and vision of the spiritual father, growing to become all that God has planned them to be. They achieve this by the input and example of the one that they learn from. They usually take on the vision and inherit all that spiritual parent has and is.

Prophetic sons then [that is a spiritual term, not male or female], are those ‘called prophetic people’ that are being equipped and shaped into being New Testament prophets.


Prophet Andre Bronkhorst is my highly recommended prophetic son who is in demand all over the world with an acute and accurate prophetic gift to strengthen and encourage individuals and the church He is an outstanding teacher and is especially known for imparting intimacy with the Lord Jesus.

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Prophet Petrus Vermaak is a spiritual son located in Johannesburg, who is particularly known for being positive and full of faith and will always strength encourage the church and individuals regardless of the situation or atmosphere. His prophetic gifting is often laced with accurate words of knowledge. He always leaves joy and encouragement wherever he goes.

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Prophet Antonie Meyer has several years of experience in ministry, first being a pastor and then called the prophetic ministry and even ordained as a prophet. He is a seasoned preacher and teacher with a very strong accuracy of prophetic gifting and detailed delivery.

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Prophetess Kalene Smalberger is a fast-becoming sought after speaker and teacher with uplifting prophecy gifting, with very keen accuracy directed at people's individual needs. She's particularly noted for the maturity of delivery and grace. Her teaching content and skill is remarkable and certainly leaves life-changing deposits everywhere she goes.

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